Paper Cutting Information

Estimating Paper Cutting Charges 

Calculating paper cutting charges is done somewhat differently than board cutting, primarily because paper is comes in varying sizes, textures and thicknesses. In addition, some of our handmade papers have uneven deckle edges and depending on your specific needs may affect the cutting charges. Due to the wide differences in papers that we carry, our paper cutting services are evaluated on an item by item basis.

We generally base the cost on the number of individual cuts. Some sheets, such as a fragile tissue weight paper, we cut one piece at a time. In these cases we base the cost on the number cuts at  $0.25 per cut, with a minimum charge of $10 per cutting order. Other papers we may be able to stack and cut on our electric guillotine. The cost for cutting in this case could be as low as our minimum cutting charge of $10.  

To receive a quote for custom paper, click here. Please include any special instructions or considerations in the Comments Box when submitting you custom cutting request.