Our Two New Books


Tom and Cindy Hollander, owners of Hollander's, have recently published two new books, Introduction to Bookbinding and Custom Cases (2019) and an updated, second edition of Constructing and Covering Boxes: The Art and Craft of Box Making. (2020). Both books are published by Schiffer Publishing.

Tom and Cindy wrote both their books using a project approach for learning the basic skills in bookbinding and box making. Introduction to Bookbinding and Custom Cases will teach you how to make a pamphlet, flat-back, and round-back book. You will also learn how to make a slipcase and clamshell box to hold the books. In Constructing and Covering Boxes, you will learn how to make decorative and functional hinged lid, clamshell, and (new in the second edition), divided boxes. 

Along with hundreds of color images illustrating the step-by-step processes, in each book, they also explain the basic tools, materials, and methods used to complete each project. In addition, complete measurements and formulas for making your own custom sizes, a gallery of Tom and Cindy's books and boxes, a glossary, list of resources, and many helpful tips are included in both books.