2019 Annual Internet Sale Event 10/25 to 11/25

This year's Internet sale event allows you to use two different sale codes for your order during the sale dates which will be held for one month, from October 25th thru November 25th. One code is for 10% off and the other is for 15% off.  Each code can only be used once. The discount will apply to all Hollander's products on the website, including our remaining Fall workshops. The two sale event codes are:   

1.  10%SALE2019  (Use this code at checkout to receive 10% off any one 
2.  15%SALE2019  (Use this code at checkout to receive 15% off any one
     order over $250)

Please note the following regarding the annual Internet sale:

  • The two codes will not be active before October 25 or after November 25.
  • Each code can only be used once during the sale dates. Also, only orders placed on the website and using the codes will receive the discounts.
  • There are no back orders on out-of-stock items. 
  • Some items may sell out before we update the website. You will be contacted only if it's a significant part of your order. 
  • For questions, please contact us at staff@hollanders.com or call the store at 734-741-7531.

Please sign up below, or during checkout, to receive future sale and other announcements.  (Note: We send very few emails throughout the year and you can unsubscribe at any time.)