Book Board Cutting

Most of our custom board cutting is done on an electric guillotine cutter as shown above. The parent sheets we use are 26" x 38" (Standard Board) and 30" x 40" (Davey Board). 

Because of the consistency in thickness and dimensions of our board, cutting charges are based primarily on the number of parent sheets required to fulfill the cutting request. Please see below for how we estimate our board cutting charges.

We back-cut all board pieces (essentially, we cut each side twice) to assure the boards are cut square. Although we attempt to be as accurate as possible, calibrating each dimension using a hand operated gauge may result in a slight variance of approximately 1/32”.  For this reason, it is suggested that you do not use our board cutting service for cutting pieces that require absolutely precise measurements of under 1/16".  

A standard set-up charge of $10 applies to all board-cutting services. This fee is waived, however, on orders over $50.

The minimum charge for any board cutting services is $20.

To get the most out of our services, we encourage you to consider placing orders that will maximize at least one full sheet of book board. Many people who use our services are doing a number of books or are teaching classes. 

The quote you receive from us will include the cost of the board and cutting charges. Our custom cutting quotes do not include shipping. Those charges are determined separately by weight and zip code. Most custom cutting orders will take several days before we can cut and ship the order. 

How to determine the approximate cost: 

1. Determine the size of the pieces you want us to cut and round up by 1/2” or up to the nearest 1/2" for each dimension. For example, a measurement of 5 3/8" x 7" becomes 6" x 7 1/2". The extra 1/2" or so is allowed so that we can back-cut each piece on the guillotine to assure each piece is cut as square as possible.

Note: The measurement you submit for your quote should be the EXACT measurement you want us to cut.  DO NOT use the rounded-up measurement when you submit your measurements.

2. Determine the grain direction of the board to be cut. It will run either long or short. Most often the grain runs long. For example, if you are making a book that is vertical or has a portrait orientation, the grain run should the same direction as the spine and in the case of our example, is the longer direction. If the book is horizontal, such as a guest book or a landscape-oriented photo album, the grain direction of the spine will run long, however, the cover boards will often run short. (In our example, the 7" length is grain long.)

  1. Enter the quantity of pieces required. You may enter up to three measurements for the same board type.  If you would like a different board type, you will need to submit a second order.  

    4. The size of the parent sheet of .090 Standard Book Board is 26" x 38" with grain running long or along the 38" length. The Davey Board is 30" x 40" with grain also running long. 

    5. To calculate how many pieces can be obtained from a full sheet (using our example measurement), divide the short direction (6") into the 26" width of the parent sheet. This will equal 4. Next, divide the long direction (7 1/2") length into 38" length. This equals 5.   his means we can cut 20 pieces out of a single parent sheet. (4 x 5 = 20) 

    6. The following are the costs per sheet for the various types of board we use: 

    .060 Standard Board:
          - $8.50 per sheet for up to the use of 10 parent sheets  
          - $7.50 per sheet for over 10 parent sheets 

     .090 Standard Book Board: 
          - $9.50 per sheet for up to the use of 10 parent sheets  
          - $8.50 per sheet for over 10 parent sheets  

.080 Standard Book Board - Black: 
      - $9.50 per sheet for up to the use of 10 parent sheets
      - $8.50 per sheet for over 10 parent sheets  

.080 Davey Board:
      - $13 per sheet for up to the use of 10 parent sheets
      - $12 per sheet for over 10 parent sheets  

.098 Davey Board:
      - $16 per sheet for up to the use of 10 parent sheets  
      - $15 per sheet for over 10 parent sheets 

7. Additional Small Pieces Fees.  Cutting small pieces (generally under 3" or 4", spine pieces, or various sizes may add to the cost of cutting. We will add these fees if the quantity exceeds 20 pieces per parent sheet. (It is only a onetime fee and not a per parent sheet fee.)

20 to 29 - $10; 30 to 39 - $20; 40 to 49 - $30; 50 to 59 - $40; 60 to 69 - $50; 70 to 79 - $60 

We may contact you regarding limitations on what is feasible for us to cut such as very large quantities, pieces that are too small for our cutter, or other unusual requests.  

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