Hollander's carries a wide variety of bookcloths that range from traditional cloths including Kennett, Pearl Linen, Arrestox, and Buckram to rayon based fabrics such as Cialux (Italian bookcloth) and the elegant Japanese bookcloths.  In addition, Hollander's supplies Imitiation Leather and Imitation Suede that are both used as bookcover materials. All our bookcloths are cut to a working sheet size of approximately 17.5" x 25".  Sample books for all our bookcloths are available for purchase. 

The Japanese bookcloth is available in 5 yard x 36"- 42" width minimum rolls.  Other bookcloths may be available in larger minimum orders (18-30 yard x 40"- 54" width). Please call to inquire regarding costs.  

To view all our bookcloth options, place your cursor over the Booklcoth heading at the top of the page.