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Address Book Text Blocks

Address book text blocks are signatures that have been sewn and glued with spine reinforcement. To see our offerings along with casing-in instructions, click on the collection.


Hollander's carries various bookbinding adhesives including several forms of PVA glues. In addition, we carry methyl cellulose, rice starch, and wheat paste. Note: We do not ship PVA when the temperature is below freezing.

Amate Bark

The Amate Bark is a handmade paper in Mexico, by the Otomi Indians, as it was in the 1300's. 

Arrestox Bookcloth

Arrestox is a 100% cotton bookcloth with an acrylic coating that makes it resistant to stains and tearing. It is slightly heavier and stronger than the Starched Linen category and considered an excellent general purpose bookcloth. Accepts  foil stamping, blind stamping, screen and offset printing.  It is available by the sheet or on a 54" x 10 yard roll.


Awls are a common bookbinder's tool used to pierce holes in signatures prior to sewing.


Beeswax is commonly used with unwaxed sewing thread to help lubricate it and reduce tangles. Can also be use as a coating to protect paper.

Blank Journal Text Blocks

Blank journal text blocks are signatures that have been sewn and glued with spine reinforcement. To see our offerings along with casing-in instructions, click on the collection.

Bone & Teflon Folders

The bone folder is an indispensable bookbinding tool, typically used for creasing, pressing, burnishing, and scoring. Teflon folders are popular for their non-burnishing property.

Book Cloth

Book cloth comes in a variety of fabrics, colors, and textures and is the material of choice for the spine or as a general book covering. We recommended that you order our sample book to be sure of the exact colors and textures.

Book Repair

This category contains various book repair papers, tapes, tools, and books. In addition, here are a couple useful resource links are provided by the Dartmouth College Library and the Alaska State Library. A Simple Book Repair Manual            Conservation Book Repair


Made in Germany since 1584, this high quality mould made paper by the Hahnemuhle Mill is lightfast and resistant to deterioration over centuries. Excellent paper for endsheets.

Chena River Marbles

Chena River Marbles are all one-of-a-kind papers. This collection includes basic traditional patterns, those using more complicated techniques, and historic, hand waxed and polished papers as used on books during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Custom Orders

This page is used to send quotes for custom orders or for miscellaneous items that are not listed on the website.

Embossed Papers

The embossed and flocked papers have unusual textures. Papers in this category are impressed, embossed, or flocked with various designs ranging from geometric to floral to repitilian.

Florentine Prints

Florentine papers were originally inspired by traditional Renaissance patterns, but more recently include designs with modern subjects. Until the 1950’s these papers were printed by hand. Today they are produced using offset printing techniques, a process that can use up to six colors including powdered gold.

French Marbles

The French Marbles are made by a unique marbling machine that allows each sheet to be unique in its appearance, but the pattern and colors remain consistent. 


Bookbinder's hammers are a speciality item used for rounding and backing the spine of the book.

Harmatan Goat Leather

These fine bookbinding leathers from Harmatan in England are among the highest quality of all the bookbinding leathers. They are available in two thicknesses: traditional thickness of approximately 1.0 mm or split thickness of approximately .70 mm.


Headbands are used as a decorative element on the head and tail of the book and are often added as the finishing touch. We carry a multitude of colors available in 12” lengths. Headbands are easy to attach using a small amount of PVA glue.

Hewit Goat Leathers

Pentland fine bookbinding leathers are from the world renowned leather supplier, Hewit in England. They are produced from Indian goatskins and are all Grade II, meaning they are of outstanding quality and exhibit almost no blemishes or markings. These premium leathers have a Nigerian effect assisted grain which means they exhibit the natural grain, as well as a unique embossed character. The Pentland leathers are available in a shaved thickness of .80 mm which means they are less than traditional thickness leathers of 1 mm, and will need only minimal paring. We recommend ordering our sample books for the most accurate look and feel of these leathers. Hollander's is the only supplier of these leathers in the U.S.

Hole Punches

Hole punches are commonly used by bookmakers for all kinds of purposes, from making very small holes for thick thread, to larger holes for ribbon, cord, rivets, and screwposts.

Hollander's Workshop Kits

Hollander’s Bookbinding and Box Making Kits are based on the workshops taught by Tom and Cindy Hollander. The Complete Kits include all the materials needed. Instructional Booklets are included with the corresponding complete kits, but can be purchased separately.

Imitation Leather

Our Imitation Leather includes several different styles. All imitation leather is suitable for embossing and foil stamping. It is easily turned and glued and suited for hand bookbinding as well as commercial runs. All our imitation leather is available by the sheet or on a 54" x 10 yard roll.

Italian Bookcloth

Italian bookcloth offers an elegant choice for book coverings. It is paper-backed, 100% rayon, and has a natural finish. It often goes by the trade name Cialux.  Accepts  foil stamping, blind stamping, and screen printing.  Available by the sheet or on a 53" x 10 yard roll.

Italian Fine Cow Leather

Our Italian fine cow leather is imported from Italy. The skins are cut to an average size of approximately 6 square feet. They are of very high bookbinding quality and split to approximately 1.0 mm which makes very little paring, if any, necessary.

Italian Marbles

Two of the best known decorative paper producers and marblers are Il Papiro and Rossi, located in Florence, Italy.  

Japanese Bookcloth

Japanese Bookcloth is a premium, rayon based material, that is unmatched in quality and elegance. It is paper-backed with a natural finish. It is available in various weights and textures. It is available by the sheet or on a roll that varies from 36"- 42" in width x 5 yards.

Japanese Papers

The Japanese are arguably the world’s premier paper makers. The Japanese consider the few remaining traditional paper makers to be national treasures.

Japanese Silkscreen

Beautiful designs made in the Japanese silkscreen tradition, grouped by Floral, Geometric, Traditional, Poster, and Other Designs.

Japanese Stencil Dyed

Katazome-shi papers that are stencil dyed in Japan. Using persimmon-dyed kozo as the stencils, the pigments absorb deeply into the paper to produce long-lasting color and the unmistakable look of a prints truly made by hand.

Knives & Cutting

Various cutting tools for paper, book cloth, book board, and leather. Heavy duty cutting bars are also listed in this category.

Leather Samples

Our leather samples include goat leather, cow leather, "rustic" leather, imitation leather, and imitation suede. We recommend you order our sample books for exact colors and texture, and thickness.


Our traditional bookbinding leathers include world renown Harmatan and Hewit goat leathers. Siegel leathers are an excellent and less expensive goat leather option. The also carry high quality Italian cow leathers that can be used for both  fine binding and less traditional styles. In addition, we offer a collection of thicker, non-traditional "rustic" leathers. that are great for "wrap around" travel journals and other uses.

Library Buckram

Library Buckram is a traditional, heavy weight book cloth that is exceptionally durable, mildew resistant, and water resistant. It is commonly used for books that undergo heavy duty wear and tear, such as library books. Accepts foil stamping, blind stamping, screen and offset printing. It is available by the sheet or on a 54" x 10 yard roll.

Lined Journal Text Blocks

Lined journal text blocks are signatures that have been sewn and glued with spine reinforcement. To see our offerings along with casing-in instructions, click on the collection.

Lokta Decorative Papers

The Lokta decorative paper is handmade from the fiber of Nepal's paper plant, Daphne cannabina.  All sheets have four deckled edges.The beautiful Lokta paper is strong, completely natural, and acid-free. 

Luminescent Bookcloth

Luminescent bookcloth is a finely woven, 100% cotton cloth with a luminescent or metallic finish. It has a light acrylic coating which makes it wear resistant, ideal for book coverings and similar uses. It is very similar in texture and weight to Arrestox bookcloth.  Accepts  foil stamping, blind stamping, screen and offset printing.  Available by the sheet or on a 54" x 10 yard roll.

Marbled & Hand Painted Papers

Hand marbled papers are made by floating paints on a fluid surface. A stylus or comb is then used to create various designs. Hand painted papers employ various techniques to create stunning one-of-a-kind works of art.

Metallic Papers

The metallic papers vary in finish and texture. The metallic character range is from bright to dull and smooth to crumpled. They make great accents in collage, cards and invitations, or as a decorative element in almost any project.

Methyl Cellulose

Methyl Cellulose, when mixed with water, has many uses including to extend the drying time of PVA glues. It also makes an effective marbling bath, used for floating marbling paints on the surface before creating various patterns.

Natural & Handmade Papers

This group of papers is either handmade or has a quality that gives them an earthy or natural look and feel. They come from all over the world and vary widely in colors, textures, and uses.

Photo Album Text Blocks

Photo Album text blocks are signatures that have been glued along the spine with added spine reinforcement. To see our offerings along with casing-in instructions, click on the collection.

PVA Glue - Jade

Jade 403 is a premium archival PVA glue, designed specifically for bookbinding and conservation. It is considered the premium PVA glue on the market for bookbinding and book repair.

PVA Glue - Standard

Our PVA Standard is a popular choice as a high quality bookbinding and general paper adhesive. It is acid free and has all the same basic properties as PVA Jade 403, just slightly thinner.

PVA Jade - Thick Glue

PVA Jade -Thick Glue is a highly concentrated version of regular PVA Jade. It has excellent strength and is our glue of choice for gluing boxes together. It can also be used to glue signatures along the spine of books.

Renato Crepaldi Marbles

Renato Crepaldi has worked in his home studio in Brazil as a full-time marbler since 2002. He produces a wide range of traditional and contemporary marbled papers for use in bookbinding, book arts and various paper crafts. His Tiger Eye marbles are particularly stunning.

Rice Starch and Paste

Rice Starch comes in powder form. It is derived from rice and requires cooking, either in a double boiler or more easily in a microwave. Our rice starch is archival quality and used extensively in conservation. Nori Rice Paste is a popular option and has a longer shelf life than rice starch in the powder form. It does not require cooking, but should be kept refrigerated after opening. Excellent for crafts.

Rulers & Squares

A variety of rulers and squares for measuring and aligning. Includes standard, metric, and cork-back rulers, as well as various types of squares.

Rustic Leathers

Our thick rustic leathers often exhibit a mix of scars, blemishes, and occasionally  even branding marks. Note: Because we can not match the dye lots of our rustic leathers, we do not offer samples. The colors seen on the website are usually pretty close, but the actual leather you receive may be slightly different.

Rustic Thick Cow

Rustic Thick Cow Leather is a great alternative for non-traditional book making. The thickness of these leathers (approximately 1/8") make them ideal for leather wrap journals and other non-adhesive bindings. Texture and thickness vary.

Sewing Equipment

Our sewing equipment includes sewing or punching cradles, used for piercing holes in signatures.  We also carry traditional sewing frames, used for sewing on tapes and cords.

Sewing Supplies

Our sewing supplies include various linen threads - both waxed and unwaxed, sewing needles, beeswax, and linen tapes and cords. We also carry a sewing frame and tape and cord keys.

Siegel Goat Leather

Siegel goat leathers are a high quality, economically priced bookbinding leather. All skins are considered grade 1, which means they exhibit virtually no blemishes or marks. The consistency in the grain pattern is the result of an embossing process within the natural leather. The leather is specially split to .65 mm with no loss in strength. The natural strength of this leather makes it an excellent choice for bibles as well as for traditional and non-traditional bookbinding needs.

Silk Moire

Silk Moire is an elegant satin woven fabric. The moire pattern gives it a unique wavy appearance. It is laminated to book paper, which makes ideal for gluing. It is available by the sheet or on a 10 yard x 54" wide roll. Typical uses are as endpapers, linings, presentation folders, menu covers, and more. Can be hot stamped.

Silkscreen & Other Prints

The origins of these printed papers are represented by a diversity of countries including Japan, India, Thailand, Korea, Nepal, Italy, and the United States. The designs are as unique as the different cultures.

Starched Linen Bookcloth

Starched Linen bookcloth comes in two styles, both with starched cloth backings. The Pearl Linen bookcloths have a light, but durable acrylic coating on the front surface. The Kennett line of bookcloths have a softer and more natural looking surface finish. Both are a popular, economical choice. Accepts foil stamping, blind stamping, screen and offset printing.  Available in sheets or on a 54" x 10 yard roll.

Tear Bars

Tear bars are heavy weight, stainless steel bars that are used for tearing paper, leaving a slight torn edge appearance.

Themed Journal Text Blocks

Themed journal text blocks are signatures that have been sewn and glued with spine reinforcement. To see our offerings along with casing-in instructions, click on the collection.

Tissues & Laces

The tissues and laces are thin, yet strong papers made in Japan and Thailand. The various fibers they are made from include Manila hemp, rayon, and kozo. These papers are excellent choices for making invitations, lampshades, collage, and many other decorative purposes.

Unryu Papers

In Japan, the name unryu means “cloud dragon paper” and it is characteristic of paper containing strands of kozo fiber that creates contrast and texture. Unryu papers are distinctively unique in their appearance and are available in many colors, textures, and thicknesses.

Waxed Threads

Our 4-ply waxed threads are thickly coated and often preferred by book artists when doing exposed sewing structures.


Light weights are used for a variety of bookbinding applications, from weighting signatures for marking sewing stations, to weighting items to allow to dry flat.

Wheat Paste

Wheat Paste is a general purpose bookbinding glue that is derived from wheat starch. It is uniquely formulated so that it requires no cooking. Simply add cold water. A popular chocie for gluing paper, board, and leather. It can also be mixed with PVA.