Workshop Space & Equipment

Workshop Space & Equipment

 Workshop Space   Workshop Space

Hollander's workshop space is located downstairs below their store and contains over 1,500 square feet. Students can access the basement from the stairway inside Hollander's on the main floor.  An old freight elevator is available for handicap access to the space. There is also a downstairs restroom, refrigerator, and microwave for students to use during the workshops. 

In 1994, Hollander’s began offering book and paper arts workshops and expanded to their current location in 2001. The workshop space contains 12 large work tables and has comfortable seating for up to 16 students. There is various traditional bookbinding and printing equipment available for use during workshops. Our bookbinding equipment includes two large board shears, a guillotine cutter, paper cutters, a large backing press, and an assortment of smaller book presses and miscellaneous equipment and tools. 

Jacques Board Shear c.1890   Job Backer/Backing Press

For printmaking, there are two table top Pilot presses and two large foot treadles, including an 1870's Pearl Press and 1880's Cleveland-Gordon. There is also over 30 drawers of wood and metal type. A large etching press sits outside the workshop space, and can be brought in for use during printmaking classes.

Cleveland Gordon Press w/ Foot Treadle c.1880   Table Top C & P Presses

Over the years, several hundred classes have been taught in Hollander's workshop space. Most workshops are geared for beginning and intermediate level students, with the occasional advanced class being taught.

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 Board Shear c.1870?, Hand Guillotine, Job Backer   

 Large Book Press   Workshop Space   
Letterpress form locked in chase