Make Your Own Hinged Lid Box


To make your own custom hinged lid boxes, we suggest two options:  One is for those with very little or no experience. The second option is for those with some box or book making background.  

Option 1:  Learn the step-by-step process of hinged lid box making by ordering Hollander's Complete Hinged Lid Box Making Kit. 
When constructed, the box in this kit measures approximately 5" x 7" x 1 3/4" and is shown as the top box in the images. 

Our box making kit comes with cut-to-size book board, decorative paper, book cloth, interior lining paper, and a decorative trim strip. Also included are two types of PVA glues (regular and thick), a 6" bone folder, several makeshift tools, and a newly revised Hollander's Hinged Lid Box Making Instruction Booklet. All that is needed is a glue brush, scissors, and a few common household items.


Option 2:  For those with some box making experience, we still recommend using Hollander's Hinged Lid Box Making Instruction Booklet. We also suggest you purchase Just the Board Pieces for our Hinged Lid Box Making Kits. These pre-cut pieces will allow you to easily construct a box without the need to measure and cut the book board yourself. 

In addition, you will need decorative paper, book cloth, inside lining paper. Other items needed to complete the boxes include PVA Standard glue, PVA "Thick" glue, glue brush, scissors, metal edge ruler, cutting knife, cutting mat, bone folder, and various common household supplies.  

For more on box making information, including additional styles, see our newly revised book, Constructing and Covering Boxes - 2nd edition.