Instructors at Hollander's

Instructors at Hollander's


Eric Alstrom*— Eric is the Head of Conservation and Preservation at Michigan State University, but received his training in Ann Arbor with Jim Craven at U of M and at the Bessenberg Bindery. He has taught book arts and conservation workshops in Michigan and New England and his fine bindings and artists books have been exhibited internationally.

Jean Buescher Bartlett*— Jean earned her MFA Book Arts degree from the University of Alabama. She is an Adjunct Professor of Art and Design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and has also taught at the University of Michigan, the Penland School of Crafts, the Paper & Book Intensive and other locations across the country. She has widely exhibited her book art including at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Visit her website at

Betsy Begue —Betsy studied the art of cartonnage (box making) while living in France and fused it with traditional bookbinding techniques. She has taught workshops throughout Michigan and Ohio, including at the Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland. Her unique boxes are on display in many galleries.

Barbara Brown*— Barbara is a local book artist, curator, and teacher for over 25 years. She has taught book arts extensively, most recently at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, University of Michigan, and she has exhibited widely in book and paper shows, both locally and around the world.  She is also an artist member of WSG Gallery where she presents the “Beyond Words: A Celebration of Book Arts” show bi-annually.

Loren Bondurant (NEW) — Loren is a full-time employee at Hollander’s with a passion for the calligraphic arts. He has taught and exhibited his work in the San Francisco area before moving to Ann Arbor in 2018.

Jon Buller —Jon is a master bookbinder and was the owner/operator of the Bessenberg Bindery in Ann Arbor for over 30 years.  He specializes in fine binding and book repair and has recently retired in North Carolina, but still is a active in hs specialties as well as other forms of arts and crafts including glass blowing and metallurgy.  

Phil Driscoll*— Phil has been a letterpress printer for over 40 years. He owns the largest collection of casting machines in the country with over 3000 sets of molds for making printing type. Phil is a long time active member in the Michigan Letterpress Guild.

Vicki Engling*— Vicki is an avid book artist and a former manager at Hollander's. She teaches a regular book arts workshop at the University of Michigan and makes custom books and boxes for a variety of local clients. Vicki still works part-time at Hollander's and helps with the workshops. 

Daniel Essig — Daniel is a full time studio artist in Asheville, NC. He exhibits his works and teaches workshops throughout the country and is a world renowned book artist. Daniel is highly regarded for his unique one-of-a–kind sculptural books.

Emily Fineberg  —  Emily is a local artist and former Hollander’s employee. She has created her own Etsy business specializing in selling her handmade Coptic sewn books and other art works. Emily is also an elementary school art teacher.

Heidi Reichenbach Finley — Has been marbling since 2007 after taking a marbling class with Galen Berry at Hollander’s many years ago. She is a painter by nature and formal training and owns her own marbling business. Visit her website at

Tom & Cindy Hollander* — Tom and Cindy are the owners of Hollander’s, a business they started in 1991. They have taught many workshops over the years in box making, bookbinding, and making a variety of desk accessories. Among their commissioned custom books and boxes were those for Gerald Ford and the Arthur Miller family. Their new book, Bookbinding and Custom Cases will be published and availalbe in June, 2019. 

Alvey Jones — Alvey is a full time studio artist. His book art, paintings, and other collage and sculptural works are shown locally and nationally. He has won numerous awards as a painter and book artist, and was a long-time exhibiting member of the WSG Gallery in Ann Arbor.  

Karen Izenberg*— Karen has a BA in Art History and MFA in Painting and Textile Art. She is a highly accomplished painter, but her recent focus has been as a collage artist. She enjoys experimenting in a variety of media and exhibts her work both locally and nationally.  

Barbara Korbel — Barbara was the Collections Conservator at the Newberry Library until she retried recently. She has taught at Columbia College, Penland School of Craft, and at the Paper & Book Intensive. Her passion is teaching historical models as a way of understanding the history of the book.

David Larwa — David is a retired National Science consultant for various publishing companies. He developed a passion for paper arts and most recently “book folding”. He teaches various paper arts classes locally and throughout Southeast Michigan.

Julia Miller*— Julia is one of the most respected historical binding scholars in the world and has written several books on the subject. She is a past senior conservator at UM Conservation & Book Repair Lab and currently focuses on studying, writing, and teaching historical binding workshops around the country.

Karen O’Neal* — Karen is the owner of the Out of Hand Papermaking Studio (OOHPS) in Ann Arbor. She also teaches papyrus workshops and is active in the Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild.  

Paloma Nunez Regueiro  — Paloma studied fine arts in Mexico and at RIT in Rochester, NY. She has dual degrees in printmaking and painting and has exhibited her works, both nationally and internationally. Visit her art at

Bonnie Stahlecker — Bonnie is one of the finest book arts instructors in the country. She has an MFA from the University of Wisconsin, with a background in typography, letterpress, and bookbinding. She has taught extensively, including at some of the best programs around including Penland, Haystack, and at the Paper & Book Intensive.  

 * Have been regular Hollander's instructors for over 10 years