Common Questions - Hollander's Boxes

Why is there a separate charge for the decorative paper as part of the cost? 
There is a wide range of prices for the different decorative papers we use. By ordering the paper separately, it takes into account these price differences. All the other materials costs, such as book board, bookcloth, interior lining paper, and trim strip, are fairly consistent and included in the cost of the box.

Can I select my other materials including the bookcloth, interior lining paper, and trim strip? 
Yes, you can select those materials, however, there are some limitations that we may need to discuss with you. We like to have the flexibility to match the decorative paper with an appropriate bookcloth and interior lining paper. It is easiest for us to select these materials because we are actually seeing the subtle color differences that might not be so clear on your monitor. Before we begin your box, we will contact you to help finalize your choices.

If I want to select these other materials, how would I find them to to see the options available?  For bookcloth, you can go to the bookcloth page on our website and look through the many choices.  For the interior lining paper and trim strip, we usually suggest a solid color; either a Lokta or Bugra are two that we often use. Other papers are available, as well. 

How long would it take me if I choose to make my own box? 
The total time varies depending on the size of the box, materials used, and your experience level. If you purchase our complete box making kit, which includes all the pre- cut pieces to make our small box, it can take from 4 to 6 hours to make. If you are cutting all your own materials, including your own book board, it will take up to another couple hours to do all the cutting.

What type of book board is used in constructing the boxes? 
For our Premium boxes we use Davey Board, which is a dense and premium quality book board. For the Standard boxes we use our Standard Book Board, which is a slightly less dense material. For those who would like to make boxes without cutting the board, we sell just the book board pieces for all three box sizes. 

Can Hollander's make other custom boxes besides the hinged lid box?
At this time we are just offering our hinged lid boxes on our website. We would be happy to discuss other custom boxes you might be interested in having us make for you. Please contact us by emailing Provide a brief description of what type of box you are interested in.  

If you have a question not answered here, please email us at